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Dr. Jay has a practical understanding of bipolar disorder; a new slant. Whatever you learned about “manic-depression” is probably obsolete. This event is very entertaining, but also very enlightening. 
One attendee put it succinctly when she said, “I nearly fell off of my seat. His sense of humor is delivered in such a compassionate, loving way.” Another said, “I have been a social worker with bipolar for 25 years. I finally understand it!” Dr. Jay’s mom had bipolar disorder. It runs in the family. Dr. Jay talks about family in a humorous and loving way. 
“Bipolar Insights, Dr. Jay Style”
                                      An Evening with Dr. Jay Carter

You can now view the complete seminar here online in its entirity for free. 

The Kostrzewa Foundation, HealthSource Saginaw and The Temple Theatre have teamed up to bring a well-known mental health speaker/author to talk to area high school students and the community regarding bipolar and mental illness.  “Bipolar Insights, Dr. Jay Style” took place at The Temple Theatre on Tuesday May 12, 2009.

The speaker, Dr. Jay, has trained over 25,000 mental healthcare professionals for the last 8 years in bipolar disorder. 

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Dr. Jay's Film won the award for best documentary.
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author of several books on Bipolar as well as the famous "Nasty People" series of books. 

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